Our Software

In various degrees of beta, and alpha, here you can find our complete public software catalogue.

Previewed works


A fully featured art package for Layer 2 graphics.


Our Next specific CDN CLI tool.


A Layer 3 Font editor, with classic export features.


where QE left of, adding more customisation features, themes, fonts, etc.


A GUI tool to help you customise NextZXOS by creating custom themes for the editor and browser.

Released works

Software that’s released but potentially will see new features or additions in the future. If you want an addition file a feature request on the feature-tracker listed on the software’s individual page.


Build fast, consistent looking user experiences with no code.


An open source series of tools to help people who develop on their next.

Older works

A list of software we’re no longer actively working on, but still useful, awesome, or interesting in some way…


A port of David Given’s Vi Adjacent editor, now part of NextZXOS.

NextPi & NextPiUI

Deserving of their own special pages – but we’ve still not made them one! But only because we’re still hard at work on both the current – and upcoming Version 2 – of NextPi, plus the tools that maintain them.

You can learn more about those in the relevent sections on our developer blog.

…what’s next…?

Who knows!
Check back regularly to find out.

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